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Advent in Boxes

Lindsay Hefner from Church of the Resurrection West in Olathe, KS brings us this awesome Christmas look.

For Advent they did a non-traditional Christmas tree design made with crates and bare bulbs. They bought the crates used online and hung clear bulbs from each and coupled it all with twinkle trees.

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4 responses to “Advent in Boxes”

  1. Hey guys! This design looks great! We already have about 10 of these wooden boxes at our church and would love to repurpose them in this way. What do you all think would be the best way to string the bulbs together so all the wires could not be seen? Additionally, where did you purchase these sorts of bulbs? We’re looking for low cost options to be able to make this happen. Thanks!

    • Lindsay Hefner says:

      Hi Jarod!
      Since our crates had slats we ran the lines down the back so they were hidden. We purchased the clear bulbs from Walmart in a 3 pack and they were very inexpensive. Ours were plugged into a lighting board and dimmable but if yours will not be I would go with a low wattage so they’re not too harsh.

  2. Jessica Hall says:

    HI! Where did you get the twinkle trees?

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