Special Event Design

Alley McStage

Beverly Carney from Above & Beyond Fellowship in Spring, Texas brings us this grungy alley stage look.

Their preached a sermon series entitled, “Sexually Sick”. People that commit these kind of sins are in a very dark place therefore, this set was inspired by a dark alley.

Materials used:
8 Galvanized Sheet Metal 4×8
Wood Pallets
Old Tires
2 Galvanized 50 gal s barrels
Galvanized Lights
Spray Paints
Faux Brick Wall
Trash Can
Spent – $455.00

They distressed the galvanized sheet metals by glazing them with brown and dark brown tints. They diluted each tint color with water and sprayed each sheet with the glaze mixture. They used old tires, wood pallets by breaking them apart and nailing them up on the sheet metals. They white washed the brick wall with white latex paint and water; then spray painted all the words with spray paints (white, black, red, yellow, orange and green).










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