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Tangled Lies

Sean and Corinne Noble from Genesis Church in McKinney, TX brings us this tangled kids set.

This set design was inspired by another 252 Basics theme: Tangled.

They have 3 windows in the back of their kid’s room facing the main hallway. They simply used some red yarn they already had on hand and some black gaff tape to create a different “tangled” look on each window. They did a similar design on the windows of their entrance and exit doors. You can get a big roll of yarn at Walmart for about $3.

For their side banners, they were able to use a background included in the curriculum to create that “tangled” effect around the room. You can’t see it extremely well in the pictures, but there was tangled paracord all around and inbetween the banners for an added effect. They used the pictures as a guideline to buy 3 different colors of paracord on Amazon: red, orange and green.

They included the same elements on each side of the stage for this design. They decided to buy the two cardboard cutouts you see in the pictures based off of the silhouettes in the graphics for the series. They bought the silhouettes of a superhero and a villain on Oriental Trading for only $35 each. Their next theme is Superheroes, so they will be able to re-use them. Once the superhero and villain silhouettes were set up, they strung more red yarn all over them to make them look “tangled up in lies”. They also strung red yarn all over the trussing and keyboard on both sides of the stage to add to the “tangled” look. They also used two strands of tangled Christmas lights on each side of the stage to create an (all too familiar) tangled mess. For the string art, they bought four pieces of black foam board, a little over 1,000 clear push pins, and twine to create these works of art. They wanted to make the theme and verse clear for the month so we decided to make them say, “Honesty”, “Tangled ”, “Lies”, and “James 1:22″. They used the string art tutorial below to get them started.

For more on the games and other things they did during the month’s set design, check out








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