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The production team from Allison Park Church in Allison Park, PA brings us this amazing idea for a projection screen.

The boxes were 12″x12″, but were three different heights: 6″, 9″ and 12″. You’re looking at the top of the boxes in the pics, so the different heights give different depths. The boxes were purchased from and were called “White Premium Gift Boxes.” The wall they built was 13′ high and 14′ wide, so they ordered fifty 6″ boxes, fifty 12″ boxes, and one hundred 9″ boxes. The pattern was random, but they did a sketch so they were sure they used fairly even amounts of each depth, and wouldn’t end up with only two of the depths at the end.

They also added paper/plastic lanterns in square and rectangular shapes to hang on each side of the main box design. They ordered them from

Assembling the boxes with three people took about 3 hours. Then they built a plywood backer board to install between the bulkhead above the stage and the stage floor to attach the boxes to. Then they just used the sketch to line up the bottoms of the boxes one row at a time, stapled them to the backer board, and taped the lids onto the box.

1. When stapling the boxes to the backer board, you need to allow a little space between each box (in both the horizontal and vertical directions) so that there is room for the lids to slip over the box bottoms. If you staple them directly up against one another, the lids will not fit. The best way to do this is to put two boxes, with the lids on, tightly next to each other, and measure the space between the bottoms of the boxes.

2. Do not tape the boxes to the backer board…even with super strong double-stick tape. They will fall after a few weeks. Staples are key. Also, tape the lids onto the box bottems very well, or they will fall. It’s a good idea to spot check them every few weeks and re-tape as needed.

Once the backer board was in place and the boxes were built, the process of installing the boxes took about 6 hours with a team of 6. Total project cost, excluding the lighting, was around $800.

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5 responses to “AllSpark”

  1. Matt Baker says:

    What is the screenade out of? What mater or what kind of boxes are they? Love the design.

  2. David Walker says:

    What did you use to project the images on the set?

  3. Tammy Moletz says:

    The screen is made of boxes, turned onto their sides and stacked on top of one another. The boxes are three different depths, and what you’re seeing from the front are the lids of the boxes…they either recede or pop out at you. So, you project onto the box lids. Does that make sense?

  4. Tammy Moletz says:

    David, I’ll have someone on our tech tesm let you know. I just do the stage design…they handle the projection and lighting.

  5. Robin Higley says:

    What are the criss cross poles called and where can these be purchased? I notice those are being used a lot lately on many stage designs

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