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Revealing Jesus

Samer Hayek from St. Maron in Jounieh, Lebanon brings us this very interesting stage design for their Easter services.

They designed this specifically for holy week between Palm Sunday and ending on Easter. They changed it in each service and used symbology and colors to illustrate the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

They actual stage design was made using foam panels, textiles, a simple wooden structure, and vinyl printed designs. They lit the set with color-changing LED fixtures.

The Ship

The ship symbolises the Church itself  – Jesus being the sail guiding the ship through the journey of death, then resurrection to reach the safe harbor of salvation.

Holy Thursday (The Last Supper)

the ship is revealed with warm colors (red lighting) and red sails symbolising the blood of jesus given to the apostles (This is my blood, this is my body). On the altar the body of Christ (bread) centers the piece, to the sides of the ship red textiles symbolising the blood of Christ. And the altar itself holds arabic typography saying: “Do this in remembrance of me.”

Good Friday

The ambiance is turned to chilly cold. A figure of the crucifix is hung on the sail because without Jesus the ship cannot set sail (salvation can’t be accomplished). On the altar the bread is replaced by the painting of the sad madonna. On the altar, there was arabic typography saying: “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself.”


The crucifix was removed from the sail and replaced with a white shroud. The sail and the ambiant colors were white and yellow. The ship was decorated with colorful and joyful flowers instead of the thorns. During adoration before mass the lights were turned on inside the ship and the shroud was removed (using a remote control system) revealing a silhouette of Jesus with arabic typography saying “He has risen”.

Assisting Designers: Sara Keyrouz, Maya Otayek, Joanna Salameh

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2 responses to “Revealing Jesus”

  1. Mike Schwiebert says:

    Really cool.
    Great job guys this looks great and is a very creative way to communicate he Gospel message.
    Good bless you in Lebanon.
    Great additional looks with the color changes!

  2. Joy says:

    This is absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it–love the symbolism, the changes in color, the beautiful aesthetics. Very well done!

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