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Submit a Design. Win an Amazon Fire TV.

We need more stage designs sent our way! And to sweeten the deal a bit, we’re giving away one Amazon Fire TV (current generation) to a stage design submitter—randomly chosen. Here are the details.

Submit a design between today and Tuesday the 24th (May, 2016). If your design passes a few criteria, your name will be entered into the drawing (one entry for each accepted stage design).


  • Photos must be good quality, and there should be more than just one photo. (Not blurry or over-exposed.)
  • Description must include DIY instructions for readers.
  • Design must be reasonably different from other designs on the site. (Show why yours is different, even if you used a design as inspiration.)
  • Must be a design you have not submitted before.
  • Must be a church stage design.
  • If winning designer is not located in the United States, a gift card of equivalent value ($99 USD) will be sent their way.

Submit away! We’ll post here when the winner has been selected.

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One response to “Submit a Design. Win an Amazon Fire TV.”

  1. Joey Riggins says:

    Stage design was once my favorite thing and this site was a daily look. Unfortunately, It all got really stale for me. Many set pieces were just poorly executed and my goodness, pallets. So I stopped putting the effort into posting new sets and visiting the site. . I’m doing a new set next week, and though I’ll miss the cutoff for the drawing, I’ll still post it and maybe revive a bit of what I find lost in it all.

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