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Swirled World

Rohan Satyavrata from The Assembly of God Church in Kolkata, India brings us this fun youth design.

‘Outrageous’ was the theme for their annual youth conference called RAVE. The stage design was a continuation of the main poster design and other graphic elements used to promote the event. The graphic design was made up of colored swirls flowing out from the center which had the word outrageous written.

They continued the design onto the stage by creating swirls. Some were filled in and some were just outlines. The swirls were made out of white Coroplast. They used LED par lights to add color and gradients to the filled-in swirls. The swirl outlines had LED strip lights stuck on them to illuminate them.

There were also some plastic drums which they painted black and cut out different sized holes. They hung an incandescent bulb inside, whose light shone out through the holes in the drum.










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One response to “Swirled World”

  1. Sandi says:

    Great design, how did you actually adhere the Coloplast to the stage wall

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