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Lazer Lines

Anthony Cofield from

, AL brings us this lovely design.

The side walls were built and then covered with inexpensive vinyl to look like barn-wood slats. Dimensions were 6′ tall x 8′ wide each. The webbing in the middle was created with twine. The Prayer word center piece was traced onto a foam board and cut out with a jigsaw then painted and was approximately 6′ wide. 4 LED par 38’s were used for the back lighting and the front lighting was traditional par 64’s with diffusion and gels.






Swirled World Volcanic

2 responses to “Lazer Lines”

  1. John says:

    This stage setup looks awesome! I’m sure it really adds to the atmosphere during worship and any sermons. It’s interesting how something as simple as twine, foam board, and some creative lighting can come together to make something that looks this cool. Thanks for sharing.

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