Stage Designs

Ascending Coroplast

Tim Sherwood from Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, IA brings us these Coroplast light pillars.

They created 6 Coroplast pillars at various heights: 6′, 8′, and 10′. Inside the pillars they used Mac600’s for color. The pieces of Coroplast cost about 12.50 for each 4×8’sheet.

To add another element to the design they hung some paper lanterns varying in sizes and heights. They had the lanterns on hand from a previous design minus 4 smaller ones that cost $6 for the lanterns and $10 for the cords.

Then they added a couple 10′ section of truss and hung 1 Mac550 and 1 Mac250 on each piece of truss.

They are a multi-site church with 2 other campuses and they made the pillars for those as well.

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