Special Event Design

These 4 Words

Ken Leslie from Lakeside Community Church in St. Clair Shores, MI brings us this design inspired by Box Words.

They needed a design that worked with limited space and budget. They also wanted something that worked for their series “Transform”.

So they borrowed the Box Words design and simplified it. They used plain white paper to cause the words to be translucent, and used a simple CFL style light bulb (important because it puts out way less heat than a regular light) plugged into a $2 adapter that plugs right into an outlet. To make the light stand up, they simply used 4 power strips they already owned. The total cost was $8 for light adapters, and about $6 for black spray paint.

In addition they used a Chauvet Par 38-18 (1w leds, but discontinued) for the uprights and about 6 Par56 cans to light from the front. They added an inexpensive hazer to the mix and really made it pop – the Irradient Z-300.

Ascending Coroplast God is Not a Paper Lantern