Special Event Design

God is Not a Paper Lantern

..but He is what’s written on them. Matthew Strange from The Good Shepherd Church in Kearny, NJ brings us these design using paper lanterns.

For their Easter series titled “God Is”, they needed a simple, low-cost stage design that communicated the message. So they bought about 30 Japanese paper lanterns varying in size from 30″ diameter to 12″ diameter that they painted with acrylic paint from a craft store. Each lantern was filled with 2-3 flameless LED candles (either placed in the bottom of the lantern or suspended from the top with pieces of Easter basket grass and scotch tape). The lanterns were scattered throughout the stage, on top of speakers, and by the worship team’s equipment.

They also used sandwich bags filled with sand to anchor down the lanterns.

In total, the design only cost a couple hundred dollars and only a few hours to set up–great for a portable church!

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