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Easy Peasy

I love this super simple stage design from Kaleb Wilcox at Topeka Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Rather than trying something elaborate, they created simple 4’x7′ frames–built from 2×4’s painted black, covered with white muslin. By giving a bit of space between each one and lighting them well, they created depth and texture on their stage.

They lit the panels with 4 American DJ MegaTri Bars. The rest of the lighting rig included 8 Elation OptiTri Pars and 2 Elation Platinum Spot 5Rs.

Photos by Wyatt Johnston, Fellowship Bible Church

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5 responses to “Easy Peasy”

  1. emor says:

    This is a really nice, flexible design. It really shows how much you can do with a simple set and some good lighting!

    I work for a really big church, and we’re putting together something very much like this for our stage re-design. We aren’t allowed to use fancy set pieces because our pastors don’t like the stage to look “theatrical”, so whatever we do has to be clean and simple. With fabric panels and fancy lights, we can keep them happy and still have a bit of wow factor for our special events.

  2. matt says:

    Great design! Are the panels front or backlit? How are the optipars rigged…4 in front and 4 in back?

    • Kaleb Wilcox says:

      @ Matt:
      The panels are front lit with 4 ADJ MegaTri Bars. The OpriTri Pars are rigged 4 on the back light bar hitting the stage as back light and 4 on the side walls as up lighting. The MegaTri Bars are the only lights on the panels but sometimes we’ll use the Elation 5Rs to do moving effects on the panels.

      • matt says:

        What do you use for front lighting? I would assume some combination of source 4’s..lekos and pars? Thanks for the quick response!

        • Kaleb Wilcox says:

          The front light rig is Altman 360Q Ellipsoidals with a handful of Altman Fresnels. We cover front line musicians with 10 360Qs and the 4 fresnels fill in some of the back line but none of those were used for this event. I don’t have any pars in the rig right now.

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