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Luke Howard from North Metro Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, GA brings us this glowing foam board logo and Coroplast towers.

They wanted to take a 1,000+ person and create an intimate setting for a group of only 200 people. Instead of using the screens on the side, they linked three 40″ TV’s together with a Matrox TripleHead2Go.

To build the “awake” sign they used foam board. They projected the logo onto the foam board and traced it. Then they cut out the letters and glued Coroplast to the back of the logo using Gorilla Glue.

To build the columns they used 8′ x 4′ sheets of Natural Coroplast. They built the bases out of scrap 1 x 4 and painted them black. The Coroplast was scored with a utility knife every foot. They cut the 1 x 4 to go around the outside of the Coroplast. They attached scrap foam board to the top of the wooden boxes so they would sit on top of the columns. They inserted a Par 64 LED into each column and taped the seam with packing tape.


  • Four S4 Parnels
  • Ten WDM PAR 64 LED Cans
  • Two S4 26*
  • Four Par 64 Cans

Build Materials:

  • 6 Sheets of Coroplast: $120
  • 2 Sheets of Foam Board: $30

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13 responses to “Awake”

  1. Jordan says:

    How thick of coroplast do you recommend for creating something like this?

    • Rob says:

      We used the regular thickness coroplast. All you do is score one side of it and leave the other side intact, fold it and tape it together. Super simple!

  2. Luke Howard says:

    It was 10mm 4 x 8′ sheets of White Coroplast which came out to around 20 dollars a sheet. They also can order 10′ Coroplast for taller columns.

    • Ryan says:

      Where do you buy your coroplast? I’ve checked locally in Phoenix, AZ and was quoted around $80 for a 4×8′ sheet. I would love to find it for $20!

      • Luke Howard says:

        It was a local mom n pop sign shop. I would suggest shopping around, from asking a few shops in the Atlanta suburb area, $15-30 is the average going price for a sheet. They may have quoted you the price to have something printed on it vs just a blank sheet.

      • eric says:

        i get mine for 10$ a sheet from cason cleveland productions

        • Drew says:

          I just purchased 4×8 sheets of coroplast at a local plastic distributor for $20 a sheet! I highly recommend trying to finding a local plastic distributor if at all possible, typically will be cheaper than sign shop!

  3. Aaron Polk says:

    I don’t get it? How did you make the awake sign light up? Please can you explain in more detail?

    • Luke Howard says:

      Aaron, I took foam insulation board and cut out the letters for the AWAKE. Then I took the white coroplast and glued it on the back of the areas I just cut out. Then I placed it in front of a riser the drums were sitting on which was 3.5′ tall. I had measured the height of the letters so the top of the letter wasn’t taller than the legs of the risers. Then I took 2 ETC S4’s and placed them underneath the drum riser, clamped onto the back legs and XY’d (criss crossed) the lights so the shadows from the front legs were not noticeable. Does that make more sense? Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

  4. Tyler Clark says:

    that’s my boy Luke Howard doing work!!!!

  5. dino munoz says:

    Good morning, Looks awesome and we are gonna do this this weekend at our church.
    Just a couple questions:
    1 How tall are those columns? Just the 8 feet of the sheet?
    2 If you stacked them, How high did you go?
    We are planning on making them at least 16 feet high with a wooden frame box type to support the two sheets together.
    3 Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Philip says:

    What kind of lights did you use for your up lighting? We just tried a par 32 and it just isn’t near as impressive as yours

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