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Broken Conquerors

Russell Prothero Bellevue Christian Center in Bellevue, NE brings us this broken design.

They started by creating galvanized pipe frames to attach the set to. They used white Coroplast for everything other than the series graphic banner. They bought about 20-30 sheets of Coroplast and spent a week cutting, hanging, and gluing.

They bought 10+ LED’s to add to the top of the structures so the bent Coroplast would catch both the top and bottom lights. They also added the broken structures to their crows nests to fill their very large stage space.

They spent about $1000 on lights and materials.

Tip: They used velcro to attach the triangles…making it super simple to swap out their set whenever they are ready.

Tiny Lines Softly

One response to “Broken Conquerors”

  1. Barkley Todd says:

    Hey — love this look! Where do you find the coroplast? Having a hard time finding it out here in CA.

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