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Robin Lear from Calvary Church in Dover, Delaware brings us this clean design.

From Robin: This is our new design for our next sermon series, “So all may know”. I always design first on photoshop, then begin creating the image to scale. We purchased 2 4×8 sheets of birch plywood, then laid it out on the floor and drew out the circle, then proceeded to cut it out. We used 2×4’s on the back side to hold the 2 half circles together. We painted the plywood pieces flat black, then projected the image image onto the circle, and began painting it on. The wood pieces on the top and bottom are 6′ pickets we purchased from Lowes. We stained and arranged them into a 3×5 sections. We took the 3 pieces to the church to begin the installation. We attached the top wood section onto the circle then raised it off the floor. Once it was high enough, we attached the bottom piece of wood. The 4 vertical light bars we had previously made were already hanging. We just moved them closer to this new So all may know sign. Changed up the look completely.

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2 responses to “Badged”

  1. Ben C says:

    How did you make those hanging light fixtures on the sides? I would love to make those!

  2. Robin Lear says:

    Hey Ben~ You absolutely can make these lights. They were so easy and so inexpensive too! I bought a 1x12x12, painted it flat black. We cut three holes in the board and attached the fixtures. The actual fixtures are 10 1/2″ aluminum shop lights that we painted flat black on the outside, bright gold on the inside. They were about $15 each. The Edison bulbs were the largest dimmable ones we could find at Lowes. Those were $10 each. Each board with 3 lights ended up costing less than $100 for each. Clean and simple. Hope this helps you out!

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