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Throwback: Crowning Around

Check out this elaborate Easter stage design from Steven Hall at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida. (Originally posted March 2011)

In 2010, instead of renting a large lighting rig like they’ve previously done, they rented projectors (DL.3s). They mapped video across the entire front half of the sanctuary. They also added fabric swags to create areas to project and to bring the look into the room. Most of this could be done on a small budget using a Mac, a TripleHead2Go, and some extra projectors.

The actual design came from Marty Taylor (their technical Director) and Daniel Parks (on of their congregants that designs sets as a profession). Steven was mostly involved in assembly and lighting it.

To construct the crown elements gator board built on top of a plywood frame.

Cardboard Carving Badged

6 responses to “Throwback: Crowning Around”

  1. Jill V says:

    Amazing!!! Love the versatility

  2. MYRNA says:

    WOW really does say it all!!!

  3. Dave Stark says:

    Although the set design is awesome I have a question about the video. Is the arrangement of “I Will Rise” original? Is it published and can it be purchased? It’s a great arrangement and i’d love to use it at our church sometime in the future. Thanks

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