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Barn Wood Panels

Matt Holcomb from The Door Fellowship in Williamsport, PA brings us this repurposed wood design.

Matt bought a pile of weathered hickory from a local lumber mill and cut them down to 4″Wx8’Lx1/2″ thick. He then stapled them to a 2″x2″ frame that was 3’Wx8’high. He used a projector to get the font he wanted and traced the letters and icon with a white paint marker. He mixed a flat white paint 30/70 water mixture to fill in the words.

Matt bought the pendant lights off Amazon and the old-fashioned light bulbs from Lowes. He then took 3/4″ black pipe and mounted it on the back of the panel and screwed it into a 3/4″ flange on the floor. The signs swivel and he can use the pipe for other panels. The cost for everything was around $350, but he can use the lights and pipe for more signs.






Interlocked I Love the Cross

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