Stage Designs

Cardboard Grace

Will Mornick and Ellen Settele from Family Life Community Church in Bangor, PA brings us this 3-d sign created from recycled cardboard.

They created this 5’ x 8’ display featuring three-dimensional letters from recycled cardboard. The completed design was lit using Chavet ColorRails, two positioned on the display and two as wall washes.

The base was approximately 2’ tall and 8’ long. Accent panels were attached to the pedestals with hot glue. A slot was then cut into one side of each pedestal to hold the lower support “beam”.

Each letter in the word Grace was approximately 24” x 20” x 13”. When creating the sides of each letter, they scored the cardboard on the opposite side of the fold. When creating curved letters, they scored the cardboard on the opposite side every half inch. The sides of each letter were held in place with hot glue

The “Growing in” letters were approximately 8” x 8”. Each letter was designed with a tab and inserted into the header.

Once all the individual pieces had been assembled, they used a foam brush and paint; painting all sides of each piece.






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