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Beams of Strings

Jordan Greene and Kenzie Faith from Atlanta West Pentecostal Church in Atlanta, GA brings us this great use of strings spreading out from the top of their stage.

It was a moderately low budget set design using cotton string from U-line, black paint, and lumber.

For the larger triangles, they suspended a caribeaner with black rope above the stage. Starting from one end of the base and working to the other end, they stapled the string to their base (approx 22ft x 1ft particle board painted black) and looped the string from the base to the caribeaner. Spacing each staple about 1-1 1/2 inch from each other. The short ones were made similarly. But instead of looping it to a rope hanging from the ceiling, they looped it around a 2×2 attached to the middle of the base (also 1 ft plywood that was various lengths).







Segment Windows Hanging Beam of Grace

20 responses to “Beams of Strings”

  1. Chad Fisher says:

    how much string did you purchase for the entire project? total Length?

  2. Ryan ONeil says:

    This is awesome!! Be sure to follow Jordan Greene for more incredible projects to come. You need to feature in this the AYC logo that they created out of string as well.

  3. Henriette Mason says:

    What lighting did you use, and is that really black string or white?

  4. Seth Nuzum says:

    What ply string did you purchase and could you post the link

  5. Brennan Mayfield says:

    This design is awesome. Where do you place the lighting? Below? Above?

    • Ryan Johns says:

      I placed the lighting mostly on the ground in front. I tried to have three lights per section to be able to mix quite a few colors in there. We had some LED’s in the ceiling that we use for washes when we don’t have the black pipe and drape up, so we used one in the middle of the larger triangle and then the rest were washes for the band.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Dan DiGiovanni says:

    Hey! Awesome design! I was wondering how tall the biggest one came out to be from the floor to ceiling? Also did you happen to know how much twine you needed for just that one?

  7. crystal says:

    do you have a picture of the bottom……what did you use for the bottom to hold strings….love this idea want to do it at my church

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