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Developing a Sermon Series E-book

We’ve put together a huge resource to help you plan sermon series’ for your church. This e-book has practical tips and tricks to make your sermon series’ effective and impacting to your congregation.

Chapter topics include:

  • Why your church should do sermon series’.
  • How to break down a complex and obscure concept into an easily brand able series idea.
  • The importance of developing a unified visual theme for your sermon series.
  • Planning individual messages, illustrations, and sermon titles.
  • How to brand your sermon series so it’s memorable.
  • Getting the word out about your sermon series.
  • A discussion on planning ahead and how far ahead is far enough.
  • Using pop-culture brands to assist in branding your series.

It also includes tips and tricks from creative directors and graphic designers from churches around the country.

  • Cameron Smith from Christ’s Church of the Valley
  • Jason Watson from Church of the Resurrection
  • Carrie Grant from New Hope Community Church
  • Ryan Skjervem from The Rock of KC
  • Amy Carlton from Christ Church Santa Fe
  • David Choate from Table Rock Fellowship

You can get the e-book in two different formats: Amazon Kindle and iBooks. It only costs $2.99.

Free Planning Sheet

Download this free, printable planning sheet to help you keep track of your sermon series planning. It will help you keep track of and organize your thoughts and ideas.

Download Sermon Series Planning Sheet PDF

Submit Your Results

Once you’ve read the e-book and developed your own sermon series ideas, share them with the Church. Submit them to SeriesIdeas.com and we’ll post them up. Give others inspiration from your own work!

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