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Alex Robinson from Capital Area Christian Church in Mechanicsburg and Etters, PA brings us this glowing bed on their stage.

They did a series called “Monsters Under the Bed”. Chandeliers and dropped fabric was a design inspiration for the backdrop. But they purchased shear fabric from FabricDirect.com (cheaper than Rosebrand).

Instead of scenic netting, they used DeerBlock Netting. It can’t hold a lot of weight, and they had to stretch it out with wire above (to the grid over the stage) and sandbags below (at the side corners).

They lit the backdrop with 6 LED bar lights that they already had.

They dropped 3 shades with hanging bulbs in them. But one of the coolest parts of the stage was the bed in the middle. To suggest monsters under the bed, they purchased brass bed frames cheaply off of Craigslist (one for each campus). Then they used Coroplast and zip ties to create a make shift frame that they could drape white sheets over. They lit the bed inside with some LED par cans and a mirror. And they lit it outside with 2 additional LED bar lights.

A persian rug underneath the bed and some Damask style motions from CMG finished off the design.







Drawn Snowflakes Sullivan Stage

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