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Techno Angles

Lindsay Hefner from Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH brings us this design for their student ministry’s worship night.

For their spring worship night, she created a stage design from cardboard, colored duct tape, fishing line, and CFL Party Bulbs.

She started by cutting out different sized triangles out of cardboard she’d collected leading up to the event. Then she added different colored neon, silver, and black strips of duct tape to the cardboard triangles. Then she hung the triangles against the black stage flats—some hung out from the flat so there was movement and some were attached directly to the flat. She finished the look with blue CFL Party Bulbs in their clamp-on utility lights.




IMG_5621 (1)




Clouded Walls Spiked Rows

One response to “Techno Angles”

  1. Mariko Jakins says:

    Such a simple and cost effective idea – I like!

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