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Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this yabadabadoo design.

The house was framed out with 2×4’s and covered in recycled styrofoam and painted an eggshell white. The roof was formed by taking 3” panels and roughing up the edges for a more natural look and secured with 4″ screws into the top of the frame. A light was placed behind the house for two purposes, one to light up the windows and two, so the drummer could see. The door was a discarded piece of styrofoam and painted to look like the blue wooded door Fred always banged his fists on as the credits rolled.

The stone walls were 1ft x 3ft x 12ft risers turned on their side and covered in white butcher paper, then painted with gray and black spray paint to resemble stones. The mailbox was a piece of cardboard tubing covered in brown craft paper, painted and the lettering was free-hand. And yes, there was mail from the “Waterbuffalo Lodge” and “The Caveman Weekly”.

And of course, after watching an episode or two, you would need to have a elephant/woolly mammoth in the yard, and this one is watering the flowers.

The trees were 2×4’s covered in brown craft paper and spray painted. The leaves were recycled cardboard leaves from an old stage set and cut to make the jagged edges painted. And the coconuts on the back tree was nothing more that ball from our ball-pit painted brown and attached with some screws and fishing string.

The car was all recycled material. The frame was 2×4’s and 2×2’s, styrofoam columns cut to size for the stone wheels. The exposed wood was covered in craft paper then painted to resemble wood. The seat and dash-board was the same type of 3″ panels used for the roof, but cut to size and shaped out. The steering wheel was a funnel covered in brown craft paper, painted and then a thin piece of styrofoam glued on the top and the whole thing, inserted into the dash-board. The material was a left over piece from another project and cut into shape for a back window and rough edges and tied with some poly-rope.

Estimated cost: $22
Estimated time: 20 hours







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