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James Tucker from Christ’s Church in Jacksonville, FL brings us this wooden stage design with some wonderful warm light.

The team was given a series graphic that had a wood vibe to it, so they wanted to do a clean wood-centeric set without using pallet wood again, so they purchased wood flooring on clearance at Home Depot.

They built a giant wide diamond frame consisting of 1x4s painted black and attached them to their scenic pipes upstage. To hang the flooring, they drilled a single hole into the middle of each piece and secured them to their frame at 3” spacings using drywall screws.

To light, they used Blizzard Hotbox LEDs from the floor and their upstage truss to toss some great color on the set. The LEDs were individualized giving them a ton of options when it came to creating their cues for worship and teaching.

IMG_4938_2 IMG_5218_2 IMG_5228 IMG_5229 IMG_5235 IMG_5239 IMG_5252 IMG_5259 IMG_5279_2 IMG_5319 IMG_5356_2 IMG_5741

Rockin' Christmas Trees Multi-colored Cross

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