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Derek Jensen from Eternity Church in Des Moines, IA brings us this neon-y design.

The goal was to represent their month-long November celebration of generosity they call, “Big November”. They were thinking “it’s showtime”. That brought neon arrows to mind. This is what they used:

  • Wooden arrows painted black / white
  • RGB LED light strips adhered to one side of arrow
  • A controller to program 3 sets of arrows for 3 different colors (cyan, yellow, magenta)

Arrows on 5:1 screen was a motion background from VMC called neon with a custom logo on top. Those graphics are in ProPresenter which stitches their three projectors together seamlessly.

All arrow and lighting materials cost under $1k with security cable, controller, LED light strip, wood, and tape.

They did this for their second campus too but in a slightly different variation.

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