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Bubble Cross

Jodi Jones from Living Word Chapel in Oracle, Arizona brings us this cool cross design.

From Jodi: This stage design evolved from our first design.

To begin we used 2x2s to make each 3 1/2’x8′ panel. (Painted black)

For the lights we used:

They have a sticky back; however we used clips we bought on Amazon in case we wanted to reuse the lighting for something else in the future. The lights are attached to the inside of the 2″ x 2″ frame. (Be sure to make the light hook-up convenient for electrical hook-up.)

The panels we covered with 48″ wide bubble wrap we had to order online because of the width. This we stapled to all sides of the panels.

Originally we made stands for the two side panels.

We took 2x4s and anchored the panels to them and then attached it all to the back wall. We took the stands off the two side panels and mounted them in between two 2x4s and attached them on both sides of the middle. (The little guy on the right is my 92 year old dad helping us.)

We then added the cross…

The cross is made of 4 sheets of 8x4ft 1 1/2″ – 2″ Styrofoam panels. We glued 2 panels together for each piece of the cross. The back portion of cross is 6x4ft and the front portion was just cut to fit inside. We glued the smaller one onto the larger one. To get the effect we wanted we cut a trench in the smaller cross to fit the lights in and glued them there. The light wires are threaded through a hole made in the Styrofoam so we could hide them in the back.

Once all this was done we used spray adhesive to attach shattered glass to the front sides of both crosses.

In order to get the cross to hang, we put 2 – 12″ pieces of all thread rod through the arms of the cross vertically with large fender washers and nuts on each end.

When the lights are on the glass reflects it.

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