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Throwback: Light Showers

Ron Bacorn from Believers Christian Fellowship in Warren, Ohio sends us this shower of lights from their Christmas services. (Originally posted February 2011)

The design started out with staff Graphics Designer, Janine Morris having an idea to do Christmas light curtains on the stage. The idea was then developed by Tim Cameneti and Ron. They borrowed a design from Northpoint Community Church with the arches of plywood, 1×2’s, and wrinkled butcher paper, added the custom-made christmas light curtains at various angles and controlled-randomness to give the stage depth.

They accented with groupings of trees on each side with simple white Christmas lights that were also dimmable. Then they added paver bricks and Insta-Snow around the trees. The paper panels and trees were lit with LED wall washes and par 36 LED’s.

They extended the design with a lobby sculpture. They duplicated the paper panel look with christmas light curtains hanging one foot in front of the structure. LED down lights were added as well as a flock of paper birds.

Bubble Cross Trees and Rough

4 responses to “Throwback: Light Showers”

  1. Ashton says:

    I'm new to this, so i apologize if my questions seem silly! :) Did you construct the "light curtain"? or purchase them somewhere? If constructed, is it regular light strands attached to a bar? wheres the energy source? …Essentially, what's the cheapest way possible to replicate these? :)

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