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Bethlehem Born

Daniel Walmsley from Life Anglican Church in Quakers Hill, Australia brings us this Bethlehem set.

From Daniel: We were looking for a stage design that would bring the magic of the Christmas nativity story to life and was highly inspired by the design by Pleasant Valley Church. In an attempt to create a larger than life Bethlehem on a reasonably small stage we created multistory buildings built with perspective in mind to try to give the illusion of distance. We also used light and texture to deepen the look and feel of our small town.

We started by building some simple structural frames out of pine that stood above the front buildings on three legs.We covered the frames in cardboard from large boxes and overlaid it with cheap calico by staple gunning the fabric back behind the timber. The calico was painted with some different colors to build texture.

Pleasant Valley Churches method for creating brick work out of aluminum foil proved highly effective and we used it to frame the main door.

Most of the design was built out of recycled pine and calico fabric and paint left over from a previous design and so cost us very little other than a lot of time.

More details can be found on my blog:

The mini-movie we created for it can be purchased here:

The background graphics pack can be purchased here:

Project: Cathedral Trees on Stage

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