Christmas Designs

Christmas Diamonds

Charles Garwood from Lafayette Community Church in Lafayette, Indiana brings us this cool Christmas vibe.

From Charles: This is the second year we’ve used this stage design. I got the idea from Milestone Church in Texas and then scaled it down to better fit our room.

We took foam board from the Dollar Tree and cut out a bunch of triangles, then my wife made a template for each design and hand cut the designs into each triangle. They’re simply held together with white masking tape. An Edison bulb hangs inside each. We tied a loop in the wire for the bulb and ran the cord out the top of the diamonds. They’re light enough that they hang from the cord and the loop is big enough to not slip through the point on the top.

We aimed our Chauvet ColorPalettes at them so we can wash the outside with color, or we can turn them off for maximum warm fuzzy Christmas feels.

The lights at the bottom are your standard clamp on work lights from Lowes with regular incandescent bulbs.

Each diamond, strand of Christmas lights, and blinder is on its own dimmer channel.

Total cost was less than $30 to build the diamonds (we already had all of the lights from previous designs).

Multi Trees Living Room Christmas

4 responses to “Christmas Diamonds”

  1. Elaine says:

    Could you tell me what are the dimensions of the triangles?

    • I can’t remember the exact size, I want to say they’re around 2.5 feet tall and around a foot wide. Size will depend a lot on the size of your room, scale is everything. We made a couple quick test diamonds and had to size them down after we did a test hang, but if you have taller ceilings or a larger stage you’ll want to scale them up.

  2. Sue says:

    Love this Design

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