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Bethlehem Set

Drew Hoopingarner and Rob Hock from Southport Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN brings us this bethlehem city set.

Their Advent Sermon Series was all tied around old stories that Jewish moms and dads told their kids when they were young. So they decided to create an old city that could represent the times back then. They first sketched out the design and decided what direction they wanted to go.

They took 32 sheets of 1 1/2” white styrofoam and painted a base color on them of 4 different shades of browns and oranges. After that, they started building from the center out. They also knew the measurements of the organ pipe boxes so they could start with those two big buildings as well.

They added 3D touches to the set with a piece of fabric and some sticks to create the awning. Then they added the clear plastic plant trays and spray painted them brown to act as long pegs on the buildings.

After it was finished, they up lit the whole set in orange lights and highlighted their pipes in purple. As final touches, they added baskets and barrels to make it look realistic.

The whole set costed about $600 and took about 80 hrs of work.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Framed Trees Segment Windows

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