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On Stage Nativity

Drew Hoopingarner from Southport Presbyterian Church along with their pastor, Rob Hoc,k in Indianapolis, IN brings us this peaceful Christmas Eve design.

After their elaborate 4-week Advent stage design they decided to do something on the simpler side. They purchased 22′ black drapes to cover the front wall of their Worship Center to create a night sky feel this was the same concept as what they did in Purple Spread.

They took 10 Christmas trees that they have used in previous years and re-lit them. Then they took leftover foam and projected a silhouette of a manger scene and cut it out with just Mary, Joseph and the baby. They painted it light blue except for baby Jesus, they left him white so he would stand out. They spread the trees out throughout the front of their Worship Center. Then they added in white and red poinsettias to add color. They covered all of the bottoms of the trees with leftover garland. They took their LED light bars and lit the wall in blue to give a peaceful night feel.

They created a grand entrance with the drapes from Purple Spread to set the mood for the night.

This project did not cost them any money because they already had all the materials.

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Twigs and Stretches Framed Trees

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