Christmas Designs

Staged Stable

CJ Walters from Revive in Dry Ridge, KY brings us this Christmas stable.

From CJ: This is the manger set we built for our Children’s Christmas play this year. The need was just a typical nativity scene, so we decided to keep it simple and build a stable attached to our drum cage, add a star and paint some animals.

The back wall of our stage was painted a dark blue, we then projected a few animals onto the wall and painted them black to get the silhouette look. A Star of David was projected onto a 4 ft x 4 ft piece of foam and cut out. We then painted the star white and added some led rope lighting to the edges.

The stable/barn was attached to our permanent drum cage. We framed up two short walls on each side and then added 2 trusses that we built to the top. We then spanned the two trusses with 1/4” plywood to get our roof. Side rails were just two old pallets we had laying around. I did not want the typical A frame looking house, so we offset our roof to add some character and I think it turned out great. We added some hay to the roof and a manger to the stable.

It was a simple build we finished in one day, it will be up for two services.

The materials used were a bunch of old lumber we had accumulated over past builds. 2 x 4’s & plywood and a few pallets. We spent around $30 on the whole set for a couple gallons of blue paint. Other than that it was a cheap and easy build and we are happy with the end result.

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