Christmas Designs

Throwback: Christmas Grid

James Tucker from New Life Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, FL brings us this Christmas design incorporating some hip ceiling grids. (from 2012)

They started by building 5 modules of ceiling grid. These could easily be hung or rearranged. They made three 10′ wide by 12′ tall and two 4′ wide by 10′ tall modules. They hung the grid silver side out to reflect the light.

Once hung, they filled random squares with “crystal” Mio drop-in tiles hung with double sided tape. To fill more squares, they cut up some plexiglass they had lying around and sprayed it with frost in a can.

They added mini Christmas lights behind the set to add another element.

They built the entire set in a day with a couple guys and it cost around $400 to build.

More info on James’ blog.

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