Christmas Designs

Glowing Nativity

Tiffany Marshall from Gateway Community Church in Webster, TX brings us this fun Christmas set.

From Tiffany: We decided to focus on the Nativity Scene in 2017. Our pastor broke each piece down and wrapped the message around what it meant and its origination. We projected the nativity images onto Foam-core. (We previously painted the foam-core with 2 coats of white Kilz and cut them out in large different Christmas ornament shapes). We took Metalic Gold spray paint and filled in all the shapes.

Once the shapes were done, we took flat black paint and filled in around the image so the gold would pop. Where the outer white meets the black, we punched holes with a pencil all the way around and inserted regular Christmas lights in each. The large center piece was made with 3 – 4×8 sheets of foam core taped together on the back with Gorilla Tape. That stuff is very strong. Stronger than regular duct tape. We finished that one the same as we did above. We had some of our carpenters make very simple frames to each one and simply taped them to the frame from the back (again, with Gorilla Tape).

Our lighting crew was able to hang a few from the rafters and aim lighting on them. This caused the Metallic Gold paint to really pop/glow from the distance. The Christmas lights added to that effect as well. Our lighting guys were able to put the lights on a dimmer, so when planned, we made the Star of Bethlehem shine brighter (The star was on a strand by itself).

Our stage is about 60 ft across so the sizes of each ornament can vary according to the stage size. Total, the set cost us about $500.00. (Thats only if you had to purchase the Christmas lights. We had all ours donated by members of the congregation).

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