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Confetti Mid-Flight

Tiffany Marshall from Gateway Community Church in Webster, Texas brings us this fun design.

From Tiffany: For our current stage, we used different sized round cake bases, lots of hot glue, duct tape, and black para-cord. Each one of the strips circles are spaced differently apart. Some of them are 18″, some 25″, just as long as there is a variety. You can’t see the black para-cord because we sandwiched 2 of the same size circles (white side facing out) over the para-cord. Since they are up against a black curtain, you can’t see the cord.

We have lighting that allows us to change colors on the stage, so with a little aiming upwards by our lighting team, the circles can change throughout the service. I always try to use white on the set designs because our lighting can change them to any color we want. We didn’t anticipate this, but when the AC kicked on, it would spin the circles and they each would change from one color to another. Super cool effect!

To finish it off, we took wire clothes hangers and turned them into hooks. One end was the hook and the other end was bent in a way to tie the black para-cord to it. We hung them from bars in our rafters. Super simple, SUPER cheap. Total project cost about $100-$150 dollars

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  1. Kristin says:

    Hi! What material are the circles made of?? I’m looking at doing something like this at our church. Thanks!

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