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Big and Bold

Jeremy Framstad from Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio brings us this gigantic Bold prop.

It had been a while since they had done a Styrofoam project at Grace Community, so when they saw that they were doing a series called “BOLD”, they thought they would try to pull off the most bold set possible. It was made out of 1″ and 1/2″ foam panel board. Each letter was 12′ tall by 4′ deep. They were hollow and easy to move—each one weighed about 50 pounds. Because of the size of the letters, they had to be constructed on the stage. At Grace, they don’t have a door big enough to get them in or out. It took about 50 man hours to construct, and paint. The letters were covered in a coat of drywall mud to help cover the seams in the panel board. Finally, they were painted white to be able to reflect color. On their black backdrop they really stood out. The only bad part of the letters being so large was that they had to be broken down to get out of the room, but it was just about as much fun deconstructing them, as they were to build.








Dangling Hope Crimped Wall

2 responses to “Big and Bold”

  1. Angie says:

    How did you connect the seams and how did you cut the foam board? Love it by the way.

  2. Jaime Kowlessar says:

    Instructions on how to make this would be great. I’m having a service soon, and I would love to have something like this made

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