Christmas Designs

Dangling Hope

Josh Hubble from Faith Family Church in Victoria,TX brings us this hopeful Christmas design.

Last Christmas, their graphic artist came up with an ornament that replaced the “O” in Hope for their Christmas series. That was the inspiration for this set. They have made the transition to more generic sets that can stay up longer than the length of one series to better respect the time of their volunteers, but this was one occasion they decided to give the simplicity and elegance of the art the focus it deserved.

Josh took to Sketchup to recreate the ornament by importing the art and tracing it. Once it was traced, he built the rest of the word, so they had a good idea of what the scale needed to be.

They ordered a block of compressed foam that was about 4’x6’x9″ for the ornament and I made a black and white transparency for the carpenter. He traced, routed, and gold-leafed the ornament. Then he cut the letters from luan.

The hardest part was finding the center of gravity for the word Hope as they were hanging it. They painted a plastic chain gold to match the ornament and tied it off in the ceiling so the ornament appeared to be hanging.

Behind the set were 6 Chauvet Sparklite LED curtains to create the star field.







Hidden Behind Slats Big and Bold