Stage Designs

Hidden Behind Slats

Aaron Reel from North Raleigh United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC brings us these layered panels of slats.

They saw some designs using slatted walls on CSDI and wanted to recreate the look.

So for the back wall (with the cross) they wanted a structured, more unified look. All of the 3-inch boards were straight while their 4-inch boards are slightly off.

On their middle wall, they wanted to create the illusion of a wave. They let the wave also extend over into their two keyboard areas. This eliminated the view of the messy cords and created a specific box for their keyboardists. They left about a 1.5 inch gap between all of their 3-inch boards, but left a 2-2.5 inch gap between their 4-inch boards.

We also used their left over wood to create boxes for their amps by the keyboard and by their drums. They were using chairs, but the wood was much more visually pleasing.

On the floor of the stage, they also built TV monitor boxes. To go along with the theme of imperfect horizontal slats, they added more to the monitor boxes.




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