Christmas Designs

Big Beams

Gary Clegg from The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida brings us this Christmas play stage design.

For this season, they tried to set up multiple scenes telling the story of Jesus’s birth through the use of contrasting lighting effects combined with old school theater flat design and costume.

They had constructed 3 pods that lived in the main sanctuary for the worship to take place as stage elements were placed on stage at strategic times.

The basis of the production was the telling of Jesus’s birth through the angels that spoke to Mary at the well, Joesph in his workshop, and the Shepherds and Wisemen in the manger. They created to theater style flats located to the left and right of the main stage for these scenes.

For a sense of present time, they added a water drum section to one of the worship songs using LED lights mounted inside some old toms.

They had brought in an additional Robe lighting package to help make the stage and worship pop.








Wifi Stage Chained

2 responses to “Big Beams”

  1. jeff says:

    Great look… Would love to know how you built the “broken” stable too…

  2. Gary Clegg says:

    We used 2 X 4 frame with leftover barn wood we had from a previous project. Cut and pieced what we had together to make it look authentic for the time period.

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