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Tim Higham and Ben Welshman from City Church Bristol in Bristol, UK brings us this their Wifi symbol stage design.

For their Christmas Carols, they ran with the theme of ‘Christmas Broadcast’. They used the Wifi symbol on all the branding and wanted to incorporate it to the design of the stage.

They have small stage but they do have height because they are in an old church building.


They sketched a Wifi symbol onto 5mm flexy-ply. The material was bendy, but they wanted to make it sure it was light. They cut out the shapes, painted them both black to blend in with the screen border, covered the rear with muslin fabric, and then hung them both on wire and bolted them into scar bars to support the weight. They backlit them with LEDS.

Materials: Plywood, muslin, black paint.
Cost: – Very Little.








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3 responses to “Wifi Stage”

  1. Mark Manley says:

    Very nicely done and under budget too! I love the geek factor!

  2. isioma says:

    mark wat is muslin fabric and where can I get it?

  3. isioma says:

    or does anyone got idea what is muslin fabric and where can I get it..thanks

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