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Billowed Away

Pat Miller and Brandon Stephens from Faithbridge Church in Spring, TX put together these colorful fabric stage backdrops for their twin sanctuaries.

They have two equal-sized rooms back to back that they needed designs for.

They had 12 pieces of 5′ wide by 33′ long white fabric left from previous sets and hung 6 on each stage edge to edge. The fabric was attached at the top to a horizontal truss (actually radio tower sections used as truss suspended with steel cable) and gathered up on the sides using black tie line to create texture. The fabric was then brought back and up over a horizontal pipe and dropped to the stage floor with more tie line attached for texture on these sections. They lit the fabric from above and below as well as front and back with LED lights from their inventory (using every LED fixture they had). These included a row of Chauvet COLORado 1-Tri Tours on the floor front and back. On the top they used rows of Chauvet COLORband Pix fixtures front and back. Then they added some lighting texture with ETC Source Four ellipsoidal fixtures with gobos and color scrollers.

Since everything used on this stage was from inventory, it didn’t really cost them anything. If they had purchased all new fabric it would cost $3 to $5 per yard (maybe less on sale). The lighting fixtures would cost up to $4000 per stage, although they could have used a lot less fixtures than they used.

Hanging Fabric light test

Hanging Fabric side view 1

Hanging Fabric side view 2

Hanging Fabric stage 3

Hanging Fabric stage 4

Hanging Fabric stage 5

Hanging Fabric stage 6

Hanging Fabric stage 7

Hanging Fabric stage 8

Hanging Fabric stage 9

Hanging Fabric stage 10

Hanging Fabric stage 11

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