Stage Designs

Hanged Panels

Josh Velasquez from Christian Embassy International Church in Chesapeake, VA brings us these boxy stage design elements.

Shortly after their opening of their new building, they decided to do something with the stage. They decided to go with back lit panels center of the stage ranging in sizes and hanging square panels on the sides to help tie everything together.

The center panels were constructed with 2×3 boards ranging from 6ft, 5 1/2ft, to 5ft sections. All panels were covered with a white thick sheet. They used ADJ ultra bars to light them from behind. The squares on the sides were 2×2 boards cut to 3ft lengths creating a 3×3 square. These too were covered by the fabric and hung 1ft apart by chain links. These squares were suspended by L-brackets above. 2 ADJ Vizi spot moving head fixtures were purchased to create a design on the square panels. Total cost of materials were around $1200.

Additional lights will be added in the near future to help put color on the squares.

It took one day to build and hang.







Canopy Duct Tape Glass

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