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Travis Carpenter from Northview Church in Carmel, IN brings us these creative uses of JARAG walls.

At Northview, they try to vary their stage every week so it’s a different experience for their attendees. And for their series, they wanted something that was both masculine and hi-tech.

Travis had seen the JARAG walls a lot lately, and he was struck by the intensity and warmth of that look. Buying a pre made system was not an option for them, so he went to work trying to figure out how they could recreate that look. After some research, he came across a look designed by Matt Cooper.

He based his design largely on the work that Matt had already done. But to meet their specific needs, he needed to re-engineer aspects of the design to be more portable and durable, as it would be moved around for weeks to come. Check out his detailed write-up on the process.

As a result of this wall being built to be assembled in different shapes, it is portable and has been loaned out to other churches on two separate occasions.







Slinky Wall Brightly Looming

16 responses to “Blinder Patterns”

  1. Nathan Fox says:

    This looks great! What is the cost per lighting fixture/ where did you find them?

  2. Awesome blinders! What type of bulb did you use?

  3. Nathan Fox says:

    Thanks so much! That’s awesome!!! As for the bulbs what do you use? Like wattage. I work for a high department and these would be an awesome addition to the set design!

    • We used 100w bulbs, found in the link i posted above.

      We probably could have used a lower wattage bulb, as we almost never took the intensity past 50%, but having that extra room to melt faces was nice at times:-)

  4. Robert James says:

    Nice job.
    What DMX Dimmers were you using for these?
    Was it a 12 channel dimmer for each unit of 12 lights?

    Trying to workout what you controlled each light with. :)

  5. Brad says:

    What are you projecting on? We are something simular but on a smaller scale.

  6. David Hawkins says:

    Travis, Thank you for all of the information you have posted here including the website links. I do stage design for Brandywine Community Church in Greenfield IN. This info you have provided will come in handy. God bless.

  7. I wasn’t too familiar about JARAG walls until now. This looks fantastic. Do you have any videos of this set in action?

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