Stage Designs

Blocked and Shadowed

Josh Engler from Grace Avenue Church in San Antonio, Texas brings us this cool design inspired by recording studio panels.

They put this stage design together for their branding rollout, 3-week series. It is inspired by the studio for the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. A take off of a sound diffusion panel that would be seen in a recording studio on music row in Nashville, TN.

The center panels were where they wanted to showcase the new church logo. This design will stay on the stage for a while for brand recognition. Special events will go on top of this design i.e. Easter, Mother’s Day…

Made out of 4×4 posts cut at 6 different lengths from 1/2″-3″. All the pieces were glued to a 1/8″ backer board and then framed in 1×4 pine.

They almost burned the wood and then decided that it would be too dark for their application, but this may be another “finish” that someone else would want to execute.

The logos were printed on standard Coroplast circles measuring 36″ in diameter.

Lighting helps this design pop and have presence. Side note, they only gained minimal sound improvement from these panels… but that wasn’t why they went with this design.

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