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Blocked Arrows

Aaron Arkkelin from Suncrest Church in St. John, IN brings us this awesome use of cardboard boxes.

From Aaron: Our Easter graphic this year involved an inverted triangle and an upright triangle representing death to life. We wanted to recreate that with some dimension. So, we bought 12″x12″ white boxes from Uline and went about figuring out how to hang them on our upstage wall. The process involved some trial and error and even a collapse of the inverted triangle at one point. Essentially we created a dual-triangle frame from some 2×4’s painted black. The triangles were 11′ on each side. We built a shelf across the bottom to hold the upright triangle and for the inverted one, we built a second shelf closer to the top where there were more boxes to hold. We taped the boxes together with regular gaff tape on the tops of the boxes so it wouldn’t be visible. All of it has stands underneath and we raised it up with standard ratchet straps that were attached to steel rafters above. We also attached a few shelf brackets to the to frame to keep it attached to the wall. We set up our Vivitek D6510 projector to project designs on it, masked the shape with Crowd Control’s Masker-Aide program and threw up a couple of smaller triangles with our own par and bar RGB lights to spread out the design. All in all, the cost was under $500 and it took us two days to build and get the projector mounted.

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