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Glowing Cross and Yarn Panels

Justin Bookholdt from Shadyrest Church in Chesterfield, NJ brings us this cool string panel stage design.

They started by painting their back and side walls black. They used Behr ultra scuff defense flat black paint from Home Depot. It worked great and they plan to continue painting behind where the TVs are.

Next was the cross, which had already been at their church for a number of years. It was built out of 1×4 and 1×6 pieces of oak, then stained a dark color. The 1x6s sat on top of the cross with the 1x4s sitting behind. This created the perfect lip for them to line the LEDs along the back of the cross without the LEDs being visible from the front. They used different LEDs than the panels for the cross. They used Senyergiant RGB strips from Amazon, which are 30 LEDs/m instead of 15. Then they hung the cross up with heavy duty drywall anchors.

They also built a variation of the “worship leader hangout” panels. These panels were 9×3, built out of 2×2 lumber (ripped down from 2x4s), assembled using angle brackets and mending plates. The frames were painted with flat black spray paint from Home Depot (the 98¢). They put a screw every inch, mainly to facilitate future designs on the same frame. The yarn they used was just straight white yarn from A.C. Moore. They used the same pattern as the worship leader hangout video with just one modification. Justin took the yarn and wrapped it around every screw on the 3ft pieces and wrapped it around every other screw on the 9ft pieces. (See picture). Then to hang them up they just used eye bolts on both the ceiling and frames, and an s clip to go in between.

The LED tape they used for the panels were the WenTop RGB 32.8ft kits from Amazon. They were overall pretty happy, however the blue color was dead on 4 of the diodes on the one strip. Be sure to check all the colors before you finish attaching the LED tape. They used gorilla construction adhesive to attach the LEDs to the panel. The adhesive on the LED tape was sure to fail.

Everything combined to make a great balanced design.

Budget: $200

12ft 2x4s (ripped down to 2x2s and cut into 9ft and 3ft pieces)
5lb box of drywall screws (1 inch or similar)
L brackets
3 inch mending plates
1 giant spool of white yarn
LED tape (two 16.4ft strands per panel, and 2 for the cross)
Eye bolts and s clips
Flat Black Spray paint

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