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Gary Clegg from The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida brings us this cool block wall.

They went to the local lumber yard and found 6″X 6″ untreated cedar post at 14′ lengths. They had the lumber yard cut them into 4″ X 6″ blocks. Using a drill press they had, they created holes in the center of each block. They purchased 12′ long all thread from Home Depot and matching nuts and washers. They built 24 rows of blocks at 6″ apart and hung them on schedule 40 pipe at 1′ apart.

Lighting was top and bottom using Bataan 72 LED fixture they had in-house. The entire project took two days to build and hang.




Cedar and Swags Wired Stage

6 responses to “Blocked!”

  1. Gary Clegg says:

    That is post not pot!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hey guys thanks for the awesome ideas. Question: What are some recommendations for LED wash lights to light up a backdrop? We are a video venue multisite church using all HD gear and some LEDs give us a nasty “roll” in certain conditions. We need something to wash our backdrop with no flicker or rolling side effects.

  3. Clint says:

    We just did this idea. It worked great and it looks awesome! We used 2X6’s cut into 6″ squares and mounted them to poles instead of drilling through the wood. Similar finished product. We used 300 wood squares on 4 separate mounting frames. 2 of them are 10′ and two of them are 5′. Overall, great idea and I’m so glad this was able to spark the idea for our design!

  4. abraham says:

    This is nice,pls more ideas

  5. William Garcia says:

    I love this idea, Would like to have this design in our church in 2017, any idea how much this project cost?

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