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Cedar and Swags

Stephen James from Golden Gate Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas brings us this design that doesn’t require colorful stage lighting to make look good.

Materials: Plywood, Cedar Fence Pickets (6″)(5.5″)(3.5″), 1×1 Boards, LED Strip Lights, Paint and Sheer Fabric
Cost of Project: Appr $2500

Technique: Wall was lined with plywood
Cedar pickets were randomly cut at lengths of 1′, 1.5′, 2′ (eye measurement – no precision except
for finish pieces)
Pickets were randomly stapled to plywood in rows for rugged look
Crosses were made from whole pickets
Doors and trim painted to blend with new hardware
Fabric was hemmed to length and attached to ceiling/wall will 1/2″ aluminum conduit toggle bolts

They got the inspiration for the design from CSDI, but didn’t want to use old pallets. So they opted for cedar instead, which brought a nice smell to the room too.









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One response to “Cedar and Swags”

  1. Vaughn VanSkiver says:

    Nice job. It really warmed up the feel in your sanctuary. The “before” and “after” pictures were really helpful to see the change that it made.

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