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Blocks Build Crosses

David House from Shore Fellowship Church in Egg Harbor Township, NJ brings us these block boxes.

This design started with 5 trusses standing behind the drum set. David put them in a pattern that gave them depth. 1 16′, 2-12′, and 2-10′ trusses with moving heads set on top. There were LED’s set in the trusses as “up” lighting for them. There were 2 more trusses laying on the floor under the boxes. This was done so they could put what he calls “poor mans blinders” along the floor and then up the center trusses. These blinders can be set as a chase or all on if so desired.

The boxes were made with 2 inch thick styrofoam purchased at a building supply company that deals with stucco like products. It wasn’t expensive (about $150) but you will need to use the spray foam in a can to glue them together. (purchased at same supply house as that is more white and what you get at Home Depot is yellow color) The amount of boxes you could use is only limited to the amount of LED’s you have to put in them.

David used clear Coroplast for the front but found you could see the fixture inside the box. So he added a white sheer material to the  inside” side of the Coroplast and that solved the problem. He used broken pieces of skewer sticks and used them to pin the Coroplast to the front of the boxes. This allowed them to access the lights if need be.

The LED’s inside the boxes were facing the back wall and their wires run out a small hole cut in the back. Addressing each box separately gave a tremendous amount of versatility to the colors and patterns that could be programmed creating some fun scenes.






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2 responses to “Blocks Build Crosses”

  1. Selva says:

    Wow this is nice and very inexpensive , can you please. Let me know what LED lights are you using ?
    And what support the box from not falling ?

    • David House says:

      We set them on a 12 inch truss but had to add a 2×8 board behind it to support the back side of the boxes. we also hung some black material behind the horizontal truss so audience can’t see through it. We also used those wooden skewer stick to hold all the boxes tight together so they would not move when the drums start to shake the stage. As for led lights we used three different kinds. We don’t buy to many lights so we make the best with what we have, but do recommend the “blazer” from stage ape which made up about half of those used. Reletively inexpensive but are good quality and they have a good color that holds truer than the other cheap ones we have. It makes programming “fun” having all different fixtures but once it is set up it works well. You have to have a “map” of all the addresses next to the light board in case you need to adjust one or more individual lights.

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