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Tyler Dunlop from Bartlesville Nazarene in Bartlesville, OK brings us this stage design for their Home Run series.

The back of their stage worked perfectly to transform into an outfield fence. Tyler is a Red Sox fan, so naturally he wanted to emulate the iconic Green Monster at Fenway Park.

They used 1/2″ 4×8 Styrofoam panels, painted them green with a flat indoor latex, and secured them with velcro (he’s already dreaming about what he could do with projection if he paints the panels white.) The paint rolled on wonderfully after he removed the plastic coating on the Styrofoam.

Using PVC and garden fencing he created foul poles.

The scoreboard was created using vinyl, and they secured bases from their local high school and put them on the communion table.

Throughout the series they used many things to tie back in to baseball. One week a bat was used as an illustration; another week they sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame for the offertory; the last week they used “vendors” to pass out Cracker Jacks to their congregation.

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2014-10-27 11.36.37

2014-10-27 11.36.27

2014-10-27 11.36.16

2014-10-27 11.36.07

2014-10-27 11.35.48

Blocks Build Crosses Film Strip Stage

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